Rabies, a zoonotic disease that was not given the desired attention, has been a One Health issue of high concern in Borana zone, Ethiopia. Recognizing the importance and urgency of the issue, VSF-Suisse in collaboration with VSF-Germany and Polio Core Group of Orthodox Church has designed Rabies control interventions including facilitation of training and subsequent actions. A total of 60 health service providers composed of animal health technicians and veterinarians drawn from 10 districts and major towns in Borana zone have attended the two days workshop (November 30 – December 1, 2023). The training was provided by seasoned professionals from Yabello Regional Veterinary Laboratory and Borana Zone Agriculture Department. VSF-Suisse has seized the opportunity to include One Health in the training package.

The training was concluded with key action points for implementation including community mobilization and provision of vaccination against Rabies. Accordingly, dogs vaccination commenced the following week in all districts of Borana zone including HEAL Operational areas. This initiative has received great attention and buy-in from the local government and communities “dogs’ vaccination” being the first of its kind in Borana zone.