On the occasion of Antimicrobial Awareness Week, the HEAL field team, in conjunction with the County Government of Isiolo, conducted a series of healthcare outreach programs aimed at raising awareness about Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR). Accordingly, the team has managed to reach range of One Health stakeholders in Merti Referral Hospital, Dimaado MSIP, Bula Mpya, Garbatulla Sub County Hospital, and Kinna Health Centre in Garbatulla ward and contributed towards the global effort to combat AMR.

Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week is a crucial opportunity to educate healthcare practitioners, policymakers, and communities about the critical threat of antimicrobial resistance. The participation of experts from both the healthcare and environmental sectors underscores the interdisciplinary nature of addressing AMR. This recognition acknowledges that AMR is not a health issue alone but is also closely linked to environmental and climate considerations.

Raising awareness about responsible antimicrobial use, proper sanitation practices, and the impact of climate change on the spread of resistant microbes is essential for building a more resilient and sustainable healthcare system. The collaboration between the HEAL field team and local authorities exemplifies a proactive approach to mitigating the effects of AMR at the community level. This partnership highlights the importance of community engagement in addressing global health crises. OH4 HEAL would like to thank Dr. Bettinah Ngei, and Eng. Abdi Guyo (from the government of Isiolo County) for playing pivotal role in co-facilitating these initiatives with the Isiolo HEAL team.

Contributed by:

Hellen Larabi

HEAL Isiolo Team