Group Photo of EVA 36th Annual Conference Participants

The Regional HEAL team shared its OH experience on the 36th Annual Conference of the Ethiopian Veterinary Association (EVA), held in Addis Ababa in the conference hall of the African Union on the 30th and 31st of August 2023. The two days annual conference was conducted with a theme “Unlocking the Livestock Potential of Ethiopia: Roles and Governance of Animal Health and Welfare”. The experiences shared among other things include:


      • A glimpse at the livestock production context in the Horn of Africa (HoA)

      • HEAL’s Theory of Change (ToC)

      • Peculiar features of HEAL

      • Institutional arrangement and partnership with the governments of the three implementing countries

      • So far accomplishments

      • Results of client satisfaction survey/OH service exit interview

      • Evidence: A glimpse at notable success stories and promising practices

      • Challenges, lessons and aspirations.


    Contributed by:

    Metalign Ayehu | HEAL Regional Program Manager and MEAL Lead