The visiting SDC team on a discussion with Bokola MSIP members

Like many pastoral areas, Bokola Kebele, was suffering from inadequate health services. Its animal health facility was in a very poor condition that it was abandoned by its staff and had been used for a different purpose (a camp for Oromia Special Police Force). Things are getting back to track following the support of HEAL.

In a monitoring visit of the Regional SDC team to the HEAL catchment on January 26, 2023, Mr. Guyyo, Chairperson of Bokola Kebele and MSIP leader said that the project [HEAL] has supported the community with the required resources. It has renovated our animal health post building (which was in a very poor condition), fenced the facility, provided office furniture and veterinary drugs.  It has also supported Hafura Health Center with essential drugs. We, the MSIP members, as well as the health professionals and service providers have received important trainings. Mr. Guyyo Kella says,

“The project has given us all it can. We now feel that we are in a very different position compared to where we were two years ago. Our animal health post as of last week has Birr 89,000 collected from the service provision to be used as a revolving fund to replenish drugs, Our Health Center is now well equipped and is serving the people beyond its catchment. It was expected to cover only five surrounding kebeles, but is now serving people of the adjacent four more kebeles from two other districts (Guchi and Miyo). We have seen the fruits of the project. I would like to tell the visiting team our commitment and determination to sustain the services we are enjoying now even in the absence of the project.”

Ms. Martina Durrer, SDC Regional Head of International Cooperation, Horn of Africa, was impressed with the leadership of the kebele and says the following in a debriefing session with the Borana Zone Government Officials, “I have never seen a project in which its beneficiaries mention that they have all the tools and experiences to continue even without any external support.”


Contributed by:

Metalign Ayehu | HEAL Regional Program Manager and MEAL Lead