Group Photo: Partial view of the experience sharing event

Up on the invitation of the World Bank team, the HEAL team shared its experience to the Lowland Resilience Program (LLRP) of the Government of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa on July 25, 2023. The experiences shared among other things include:

1. Hydroponic Fodder Production

  • Concept of hydroponics
  • Advantages of hydroponic fodder production
  • Procedures to produce hydroponic fodder
  • Key achievements of VSF-Suisse
  • Benefits that the pastoral communities witnessed and valued most
  • Enabling environment for scaling-up the technology
  • Lessons learnt.

2. One Health service delivery in the Horn of Africa (HoA) with a focus on:

As a way forward, the World Bank and LLRP teams commended to partner with VSF-Suisse on Hydroponic fodder production with the ongoing LLRP phase-I program which will run up to 2025. The teams also commended to incorporate One Health (OH), Hydroponic fodder production and innovative feed and food solutions in LLRP phase-II program, which is currently on design stage.

Contributed by:

Metalign Ayehu

HEAL Regional Program Manager and MEAL Lead