Group Photo: WHO Representative and VSF-Suisse Teams

The Regional and Ethiopia HEAL teams shared their experience to the World Health Organization (WHO) in Addis Ababa on July 13, 2023. The experiences shared among other things include:

  • Horn of Africa situation: a glimpse
  • HEAL theory of change
  • Peculiar features of HEAL
  • Institutional arrangement and partnership with the government of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia
  • So far accomplishments
  • Results of client satisfaction surveys
  • Evidence: a glimpse at success stories
  • Challenges, lessons and way Forward

Dr. Sacha, Ethiopia Health Cluster Coordinator, WHO, says “The experience sharing was an eye opener on what VSF-Suisse does in Ethiopia and HEAL in the Horn of Africa. As these are in line with WHO’s mission, be assured of our highest level consideration in the provision of technical as well as in-kind support including provision of essential health kits/drugs”

Contributed by:

Metalign Ayehu

HEAL Regional MEAL Lead