Pictured: Meeting the MSIP

The Regional SDC team, in its field mission to North Horr, Kenya hold discussion with members of the Barambate village Multi-Stakeholder Innovative Platform (MSIP) on May 25, 2023. MSIP members reported that HEAL has contributed for the improvement of Health Seeking bahaviour among the community. They reported the following as evidence:

  • MSIP members convene regularly on monthly basis and identify key issues that needs to be addressed. Some of the issues indentified include, open defecation, resistance to immunization of children etc.
  • MSIP members in close collaboration with the OHUs conducted an extensive awareness creation on Hygiene and Sanitation.
  • Now we have managed to construct latrines at household levels (at least one latrine to 2-3 households). Family members are now using latrines properly.
  • Children are getting scheduled age-appropriate immunization service regularly.
  • Our pond is now clean and the incidence of water born diseases has declined drastically.

Contributed by:

Metalign Ayehu

HEAL Regional MEAL Lead