Photo: Isiolo COHU members attending the AMR workshop at Bomen Hotel, Isiolo County, Kenya

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is amongst the major public health concern in Kenya, with issues ranging from lack of awareness on the danger of AMR, poor access to the antimicrobial drugs, poor sanitation and hygiene practices to overuse of antibiotics in humans, livestock and agriculture. Improper practices related to AMR are leading to the emergence and spread of drug-resistant microbes in the environment as well as in the food chain pausing a threat with multiplier effects.

This, among other things calls for a need to aggressively work on awareness and education campaigns to help the public and frontline health workers understand the real issue and take appropriate actions. Addressing these challenges requires a very comprehensive and coordinated approach involving multiple sectors, including health, agriculture, environment, and education. For Isiolo County, there currently exists a One Health Unit, whose mandate includes the area of AMR. The need to establish a County level Antimicrobial Stewardship Inter-Agency Committee has necessitated this sensitization workshop to the County One Health Unit (COHU) members in partnership with AMREF, FCDC and NAWIRI- CRS. A total of 25 participants drawn from Isiolo COHU attended the two days workshop (April 17-18, 2023).

Contributed by:

Helen Larabi | HEAL Project Officer | Isiolo

Metalign Ayehu | HEAL Regional MEAL Lead