The department of Veterinary services of Isiolo County, supported by ILRI, conducted Rift Valley Fever (RVF) sampling in animals in late January 2024 and the result prompted for swift action to strategize an effective RVF response. The Isiolo County One-Health Unit organized an urgent Joint Risk Assessment planning workshop in response to critical indicators derived from RVF sampling. Accordingly, HEAL co-facilitated the workshop in collaboration with Action Against Hunger- ACF and the Kenya Rapid plus by SDC. 

Addressing participants during the official opening of the meeting on behalf of County Secretary Boru Dade, the CECM trade and tourism, Dr. Lawrence Mwongela, underscored the gravity of the situation. He emphasized that H.E Governor Guyo commitment to reinforcing interventions, particularly the vaccination of livestock, as crucial in safeguarding the livelihoods of Isiolo County residents.

At the end of the workshop, key sectors of veterinary services and department of human health came out with a harmonized budget to support surveillance, awareness creation and active case findings.

Contributed by:

Hellen Larabi

HEAL Isiolo Team