The training went very well and ended as scheduled on the 18th of November 2022 achieving its objectives. It also served as an important forum by which HEAL Somalia and Kenya teams exchanged their experiences. I also used the training as an opportunity to share the experience from HEAL Ethiopia team (Borana, Moyale and Filtu Field Offices) including 1) hydroponic fodder production, 2) livelihood diversification and 3) adaptive management in OH service provision. The training ended by agreeing on the following as way forward:

  • Better plan & implement Monitoring Visit
  • Capture Success Stories
  • Capture Best Practices
  • Improve Reporting
  • Improve the practice of data quality
  • Better engage in New Business Development (NBD)
  • Better engagement in Evaluations
  • Improve accountability
  • Improve data collection and utilization practices
  • Applying learning including scaling up of Hydroponic fodder production, livelihood diversification and OH adaptive management.
  • Be the MEAL Champions!

Contributed by Metalign Ayehu | Regional MEAL Lead | November 22, 2022